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The SKF SEAL JET solution for distributors produces seals using fit-for-purpose, proprietary polymeric materials. A semi-finished tube of one of the five materials below spins inside the SKF SEAL JET DD machine as the unit’s high-precision cutting tools machine the seal.

ECOPUR DD is a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer with excellent abrasion resistance, low compression set and high tear strength. It is suitable for hydraulic, pneumatic and selected rotary seals. Products made from this material can be used in mineral oil, in water up to 40 °C and in biodegradable hydraulic oils. Depending on the seal design and housing, seals made of ECOPUR DD can be used up to 300 bar.

SKF Econbr is an elastomer based on nitrile rubber (NBR) and is used for U-cup seals, and rotary seals. The material has good resistance to mineral oils and greases and HFA, HFB and HFC pressure fluids. Download the SKF Econbr data sheet here.

SKF Ecofkm is an elastomer based on fluoro rubber (FPM/FKM) that can be used for U-rings, lip seals, wipers and rotary seals. Its properties include high resistance to heat, weathering, ozone and many other chemicals. This material is compatible with mineral oils and greases containing sulphur, HFD pressure fluids, crude oil and sour gas.

SKF Ecoptfe is a thermoplastic material based on polytetrafluoro-ethylene (PTFE) filled glass fibre and graphite. It is mainly used for back-up rings, O-rings, rotary seals and gaskets. It has outstanding chemical and temperature resistance. Thanks to the fillers, this material has optimized compression strength and sliding properties. Download the SKF Ecoptfe data sheet here.

SKF Ecotal is a semi-crystalline polyacetal-copolymer (POM) which is used for anti-extrusion rings, guide rings, bushings and scrapers. This material has good mechanical properties, low water absorption and good chemical resistance. It can be used in mineral oils and in water-based, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids (HFA, HFB and HFC).

SKF SEAL JET DD – Material data sheets