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SKF Two-wheeler sealing solutions

SKF Two-wheeler sealing solutions

Since the first launch of the successful aftermarket fork seal kit for motorcycle forks in 2009, SKF has developed a number of innovative sealing solutions for the two wheeler industry.

With more than 100 years of expertise in the design and manufacturing of seals, SKF is a reliable partner for this highly competitive market. The personal passion and the profound two wheeler expertise of SKF engineers enable us to offer high performance sealing products to meet the ever increasing demands in this extremely dynamic market.

Over the years, SKF has been partnering with the major racing teams, both on and off road, and helped them to meet their toughest challenges in the most demanding environments. Through our close working relationships and technical sponsorships, SKF has contributed to the success of many teams, helping them to boost their performance and earn a large number of championships in various competitions around the globe. Our effort and passion has supported them to reach the podium.


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