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Manufacturing flexibility

Manufacturing flexibility

The unique SKF production model can respond quickly to your supply needs, whether large volumes are required or a single seal for a range of standard or customized seals.

Moulded seals production technology allows for cost-effective production of seals in high volumes. SKF has competency in compression, injection and transfer molding technologies and the appropriate method will be used to meet customer’s requirements. Large diameter seals are produced from elastomers or polyurethanes. SKF can produce many seal designs, such as metal-cased seals, rubber outside diameter seals with metal inserts, fabric-reinforcement as well as all-rubber types that allow customizing the large diameter seals according the industry’s requirement. One of the specialties is the polyurethane based seal which can be installed on site to reduce downtime.

SKF SEAL JET technology, used to manufacture machined seals, is based on proprietary software and special tools developed by SKF for machining different polymers, especially polyurethanes. Without any tooling costs, it allows fast and flexible production of prototypes for innovative applications, low-volume series or replacement seals. This just-in-time machining capability can provide single-piece supply of seals with high quality.

Whatever the manufacturing technology used, you will always receive of the SKF’s high quality.