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Hydraulic nuts

Hydraulic nuts

Easy application of high drive-up forces

Mounting bearings on tapered seatings can be a difficult and time-consuming job. Using an SKF Hydraulic Nut facilitates easy and quick application of the high drive-up forces required for mounting bearings. Dismounting bearings mounted on either adapter or withdrawal sleeves is also often a difficult and time-consuming job. These problems can be reduced with the use of an SKF Hydraulic Nut. Oil is pumped into the nut and the piston is pushed out with a force, which is sufficient to free the sleeve. All SKF HMV ..E nuts are supplied with a quick connection coupling to fit the SKF hydraulic pumps.

Wide size range, covering shaft diameters from 50 to 1 000 mm as standard

Full range of inch threads available, series HMVC ..E from 1.967 up to 37.410 in.

Quick connection coupling can be fitted on the face or side of the nut, allowing the nut to be used in areas where space is limited

A spare set of piston seals and maintenance kit is supplied as standard

To assist nut threading, a tube of lubricant is supplied with all nuts of size HMV(C) 54E and larger

To facilitate easy nut threading, all nuts from size HMV(C) 54E are equipped with two tommy bars and four mating holes on their front face

Nuts from size HMV(C) 94E are equipped with eyebolts, allowing easy handling

Nuts from size HMV(C) 94E have the starting position of the thread indicated, facilitating easy matching of thread positions on both the nut and mating thread

Special threads and sizes available on request

Maximum working oil pressure with permitted piston displacement of HMV(C)…E nuts:

HMV(C) 60E and smaller: 80 MPa (11 600 psi)

HMV(C) 62-100E: 40 MPa (5 800 psi)

HMV(C) 102E and larger: 25 MPa (3 600 psi)


HMV ..E nut for driving the bearing onto a tapered seating (fig 1) 

HMV ..E nut screwed onto the shaft for driving in a withdrawal sleeve

(fig 2) 

HMV ..E nut for driving the bearing onto an adapter sleeve (fig 3) 

HMV ..E nut and special stop nut for driving in a withdrawal sleeve (fig 4)

fig 1

fig 2

fig 3

fig 4


HMV ..E nut and stop ring in position to press an adapter sleeve free

(fig 5) 

HMV ..E nut used to free a withdrawal sleeve (fig 6)

fig 5

fig 6

Hydraulic nuts with metric threads HMV E series

Technical data
Thread form
HMV 10E – HMV 40E
ISO 965/111-1980 tolerance class 6H
HMV 41E – HMV 200E
ISO 2901-1977 tolerance class 7H


Table with dimensions of hydraulic nuts with metric threads HMV E series.

Hydraulic nuts with inch threads HMVC E series

Technical data
Thread form
American National Form Threads Class 3
HMVC 68E – HMVC 190E
ACME General Purpose Threads Class 3 G


Table with dimensions of hydraulic nuts with inch threads HMVC E series

Accessories and spare parts for hydraulic nuts


Mounting fluid
LHMF 300
Recommended pumps  
HMV(C) 10E – HMV(C) 54E
729124 / TMJL 100 / 728619 E / TMJL 50
HMV(C) 56E – HMV(C) 92E
TMJL 100 / 728619 E / TMJL 50
HMV(C) 94E – HMV(C) 200E
728619 E / TMJL 50
For SKF Drive-up Method  
Dial indicators TMCD 5P (Parallel dial 0-5 mm)
  TMCD 1/2R (Right angle dial 0-0.5 in)
  TMCD 10R (Right angle dial, 0-10 mm)
Digital pressure gauge THGD 100 (100 MPa / 15000 psi, G 1/4 connection)

Spare parts

Hydraulic nut drive-up adapter

For the previous generation SKF HMV(C) hydraulic nuts

SKF Hydraulic nut drive-up adapter HMVA 42/200

The SKF Drive-up Method is the preferred method for mounting spherical roller and CARB bearings on tapered seatings. In conjunction with a SKF dial indicator, the adapter HMVA 42/200 allows the previous generation of HMV nuts to be used with the SKF Drive-up Method. The adapter can be used with nuts from size HMV(C) 42 to HMV(C) 200.

One adapter suits previous generation nuts from HMV(C) 42-200

Rugged construction

Easy to attach to the HMV nut using strong magnets

Used in conjunction with SKF dial indicators

Note: The adapter kit is not required for the current generation of HMV(C)…E hydraulic nuts.

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