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Shaft alignment tools

Shaft alignment tools

Selection guide

SKF has developed a range of easy-to-use shaft alignment tools that are suitable for a majority of alignment tasks.

TKSA 11, TKSA 31 and TKSA 41

SKF Shaft alignment tool TKSA 11 TKSA 31 TKSA 41
User interface iOS & Android touch screen touch screen
Type of display device phone, tablet display device display device
Display device included TKSA 11: no* yes yes
TKSA 11D2: yes
Measurement positions 9-12-3 9-12-3 free
Wireless measuring heads
Measurment distance 18,5 cm 2 m** 4 m
Minimal shaft rotation 180° 140° 90°
Machine library
QR code recognition
Machine view fixed 2D view fixed 3D view fixed 3D view
Target values
Disturbance compensation
Supported alignment applications      
Horizontal shaft alignment
Soft foot correction
Vertical shaft alignment
Spacer shaft
Machine train (up to 3 machines)
Digital dial gauge mode
Alignment accessories      
Extension chains optional optional included
Extension rods optional optional included
Magnetic V-brackets optional optional optional
Offset brackets optional optional optional
Sliding brackets optional optional optional
Magnetic base optional optional
Spindle bracket optional
* optional TKSA DISPLAY2 with pre-installed apps is recommended

** with supplied USB cables 

TKSA 51, TKSA 71 and TKSA 71/PRO