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Hydrocam HTQR “Quick Connect”

Hydrocam HTQR “Quick Connect”

A patented bolt tensioner with numerous advantages

Hydrocam HTQR "Quick Connect“ bolt tensioner

The Hydrocam HTQR “Quick Connect” tensioner is an SKF-patented solution. This latest generation hydraulic tensioner is faster, more secure and reliable, and easier to use. These numerous advantages make it a much more economical solution.

30% faster than a standard bolt tensioner

Increased safety, reliability and simplicity

Reduced risks of accidents

Thanks to the brace encapsulated in the body of the tensioner, the risk for the operators is reduced in the case of mechanical breakage. The radially compressed jaws lead to optimized stresses in the brace, thus reducing the risks of brace rupture. This system also reduces the risk of screwing the stud into the assembly when putting the tool in place, thus providing better control over the length being gripped.

Increased reliability

The hydraulic travel limiter integrated in the Hydrocam HTQR “Quick Connect” tensioner helps to ensures better seal protection. The stresses optimized by the design result in a longer service life. The cycle counter – installed as standard – makes it possible to control maintenance periodicity. 
In practice, this increased reliability results in lower maintenance costs.
Much easier utilization

The socket is positioned without any force or damage whatever the angular positions of the tensioner with respect to the position of the nut to be tightened. The set of jaws self-centres on the thread thus preserving it. Whatever the bolt’s installation position, the hydraulic tensioner latches on to and/or is released from the thread with a single movement, facilitating the operation even for tightening into upside down positions. Furthermore, it enables the tightening of studs passing through the tool. An optional swivelling quick-connect hydraulic union makes it possible to adapt very easily to limited spaces. Thanks to the gear drive, nut tightening is made easier and faster. In the case where several tensioners are used in series, it is possible to add a hydraulic bypass using male and female unions.

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