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Custom hydraulic bolt tensioners

Custom hydraulic bolt tensioners

A solution that meets your specific requirements

custom hydraulic bolt tensioner- Monolithic 8‑tensioner ring

Our standard hydraulic tensioners might not always be suited to your application. So, to meet your requirements, SKF can adapt a hydraulic tensioner from its standard range and design a made-to-measure tensioner.

This specific added value makes it possible to extend the range of bolt sizes from 5 to 500 mm.The general shape, size and number of components can vary to meet your accessibility, dimension and handling constraints. The choice of materials and heat treatments can be adapted to meet an application’s mechanical specifications.The tensioner’s surroundings may mean that specific hydraulic fluids have to be used.The nut tightening operations can be motorized and fully automated.

In cases requiring great precision, SKF can supply detection washers or devices for measuring the force in the bolts.To improve tightening uniformity over several bolts, SKF recommends either completely or partially  simultaneous tightening.

Adapting a standard tensioner

While keeping the standard hydraulic body, the range of tensioners can be adjusted to meet your application’s size and accessibility constraints by adapting the following hydraulic tensioner components:




reaction nut

There are a great number of combination possibilities.In particular, SKF can propose a version of its hydraulic tensioners with imperial or special metric thread sizes.

Custom  tightening solution

Some applications require a special study to design an entirely made-to-measure tightening solution . To meet these needs, SKF designs and makes-to-measure  all the parts of a hydraulic tensioner in line with your application’s requirements. Materials such as titanium, the choice of hydraulic fluid (oil, polyglycol or water) or the integration of dedicated functionalities are amongst the many solutions on offer  to meet your needs.

Some examples of special hydraulic tensioners

Compact tensioner: hydraulic tightening of hard-to-access bolts, and tightness checkingMicro Tensioner: very small, for tightening small screws (M5) with great precision (a few microns of screw elongation)

Monolithic 8‑tensioner ring: water-operated, small size, pollution-free assembly, respectful of the environment

Stainless steel tensioner: simultaneous and uniform tightening, speed and simplicity of use

Titanium tensioner: water-operated, ultra-light, very easy to handle and designed for use by a diver in an underwater environment

Never hesitate to contact the SKF experts to adapt one of our tightening solutions to your bolted assembly, to your environment or simply to connect up several tensioners in order to obtain simultaneous tightening for your application (uniformity and speed of tightening).