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OK couplings

OK couplings

No keyways to machine, no taper and no thrust ring.
When using the OK couplings for shaft connections, advantage is taken of the powerful oil injection method.

Preparation of the shaft is simple. No keyways to machine, no taper and no thrust ring. When mounting the OK coupling, a thin inner sleeve with a tapered outer diameter slides onto the shaft. A thick outer sleeve with a matching tapered inner surface fits onto the inner sleeve. Ordinary mineral oil is then injected between the sleeves. A built-in hydraulic jack drives the outer sleeve up the taper of the inner sleeve.

When the outer sleeve has reached its final position an interference fit is created – just as if the outer sleeve had been heated and shrunk on. But no heat is required, and the coupling can be removed as easily as it was mounted.

This powerful use of friction enables the OK coupling to transmit torque and axial loads over the entire area of the shaft. There are no stress raisers at the keyway. And no fretting when high shock or reversing loads exist.

Very large couplings, which previously could only be shrunk on after heating, can now be assembled cold with the OK method.

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