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With a worldwide service team and more than 1 000 installations, SKF Magnetic Mechatronics has the capabilities to support customers at any time, in any circumstance, and for the entire life cycle of your magnetic bearings, from hotline support to dedicated service contracts.

Hotline and technical support

Our hotline is staffed with dedicated technical engineers with strong experience in the field and process conditions. We can support our customers with a variety of technical issues that can be solved without the need of a on-site visit.

Field service

With a dedicated team of field service experts, SKF operates worldwide, supporting the installation and start-up of magnetic systems and providing preventive maintenance and assistance at the end user’s sites to help verify that the equipment continues to operate at its fullest throughout its operating life. Our field service engineers are experienced and are able to support with:

Tuning and commissioning

Preventive maintenance

Emergency intervention


Spare parts

SKF certified spare parts, designed for specific applications, are tested to SKF’s quality specifications and meet demanding in-use performance standards. All parts use state-of-the-art electronics featuring plug-and-play control board facilities. The delivery time for some spare parts varies from few weeks to several months and while they represent a small investment, they can have a significant effect on availability and uptime. Benefits of stocking spare parts on site:

Improvement availability of the product

Effective preparation for unexpected situations

Minimized downtime and/or production loss in case of failure

SKF can provide support customers in optimizing their on-site spare part stock by suggesting the recommended parts for each individual project.

Service contracts

Our active magnetic bearings are extremely reliable. However to completely take advantages of our technology on the long and medium terms, optimal maintenance practices are indispensable to avoid unforeseen breakdowns and loss of production.

SKf’s service contracts provide customers with peace of mind by keeping your equipment running throughout life of your magnetic bearing.

We offer personalized maintenance contracts that follow your needs and budget including:

Hotline and technical assistance

Call-out priority: we dispatch a field service engineer on site for on-site trouble shooting

Follow-up of the magnetic bearing’s maintenance: annual update of the maintenance health care sheet, yearly recommendation, and review of obsolete parts

Remote diagnostic: thanks to our data logger and our condition monitoring systems, SKF is able to provide you with an in-depth report on the health of your magnetic bearing

Spare parts stock availability priority: SKF will make available a dedicated spare parts stock at SKF’s premises, considerably reducing delivery times for our customers

To complete the maintenance contract option, SKF will provide yearly technical and financial reports


Customers can now extend the life of their equipment by replacing obsolete technology with the newest technology. With digital electronics designed and tested by SKF, we can provide a new range of functions for previous-generation magnetic bearings.


SKF knows that reliable operation of critical equipment relies on expert knowledge. With the aim of passing on to customers and equipment users the knowledge and experience gained in 35 years of magnetic bearing design, SKF offers dedicated training sessions in its training facility or on customer’s site.

We offer a wide range of courses to support our customers in developing a successful training programme for their employees to have a better understanding of the SKF S2M magnetic bearings.

Our trainers have field service experience combined with a deep understanding of magnetic bearing theory, and each class includes a theoretical session and a practical session.

From the basis courses on the introduction to the magnetic bearing to deep engineering courses on Rotor dynamics, SKF training helps your personnel to improve site performances by reducing unplanned shutdown and quick resolution to day-to-day problems.