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Product repair

Product repair

For both administrative and tracking purposes, a return authorization (RA) is required prior to shipping any product to SKF. 

To request an RA at any time, please use our convenient, on-line request tool at  If you are unable to use our on-line self-service tool, please e-mail your request instead to [email protected].

Products out of warranty

Repair and/or calibration for products out of warranty will be considered a chargeable service.  A purchase order number (PO#) is required in advance before an RA number can be assigned. 

Products within warranty

To request an RA for repair only (no calibration) on products under warranty or PSP, please contact the Technical Support Group (TSG) for assistance.  TSG will want to discuss and verify your problem before issuing an RA to help avoid unnecessary returns.   

Our repair coordinators can provide typical turn-around times, typical costs to repair and/or calibrate products out of warranty, and coordinate temporary loaner units for products covered under a qualifying SKF Product Support Plan (PSP).

Request a return authorization (RA) now, and be sure to bookmark this page for future use!

Frequently-asked questions

What is a Return Authorization, or RA?

A return authorization (RA) is a numbered authorization provided by SKF (the manufacturer) to allow the return of a product. Upon requesting authorization to return a product in need of repair and/or calibration, an RA# will be issued to you which will serve as your confirmation and will also be used to track your equipment through the entire repair process. When equipment properly labeled with the RA number arrives at our receiving dock, our staff will immediately know why this equipment was sent to us, and what needs to be done to it. This process is documented in our ISO 9001 approved work procedures. Conversely, any equipment arriving without an RA number will be held in our storeroom until SKF has completed a time-consuming investigation, which eventually results in SKF either issuing a delayed RA or returning the equipment to the sender. SKF cannot be held responsible for any loss to equipment returned to us without prior authorization.

When should I request an RA?

The RA must be requested in advance, prior to shipping any product or equipment to an SKF Certified Repair Depot.

Is an RA required for every return?

Yes. An RA is required on all products being returned to an SKF Certified Repair Depot.

I’ve just requested an RA on-line. What do I do now?

Your request will soon be assigned to one of our repair coordinators to review and process. Once complete, the repair coordinator will e-mail you further instructions, including all the shipping information that you’ll need.