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Equipment calibration

Equipment calibration

Your company’s procedures and processes, in particular those with ISO 9000 certifications, may require periodic calibration of your measurement equipment, and such rules may be applicable to your data collectors. But even without any mandated obligations, it makes good sense to check your vibration measurement equipment from time to time to verify that your data trends are reliable.

SKF offers calibration services for most condition monitoring products

All calibrations are traceable to NIST standards (National Institute of Standards and Testing – the U.S. Government approved source for calibration data) if performed in San Diego, or to the UK National Standards if performed at our Certified Repair Depot in Scotland. An appropriate certificate will be issued. Optionally, calibrations to ISO10012:2003 (Mil Spec) are available.

An annual calibration is included in our Product Support Plans; please contact [email protected] for scheduling the calibration of your equipment.

If your equipment is currently not covered under a Product Support Plan, then please contact [email protected] for current rates and scheduling.

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