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Condition monitoring product downloads

Condition monitoring product downloads

Downloads may contain updates for system reliability, application compatibility and more. Contact Customer Service to check your options for upgrading your product to the current version.



SKF @ptitude Observer software

SKF @ptitude Analyst software

SKF @ptitude Thin Client Transfer software

SKF Asset Management Support Tool

SKF Analysis and Reporting Manager software downloads

SKF @ptitude Observer (older versions)

Portable systems:

SKF Microlog Analyzer series

SKF Microlog Inspector

On-line systems:

SKF Multilog IMx series

SKF Multilog WMx series

Basic instruments:

Basic condition monitoring instruments

Electric motor test and monitoring


User Manuals, Installation Manuals and Supporting Documentation


Discontinued products

Machine suite 

Machine analyst (stand alone) 

Machine inspector (stand alone) 

Machine analyst/remote route 

Machine analyst / trend oil / Machine work notification 

Machine analyst / HMI /multiple database access / DI 1100-IS plug-in 

Prism4 for Windows / surveyor / on-line system driver 

SKF Machine Tool MTx CMON 1501

SKF Multilog LMU CMMA 320 

SKF Multilog DMx CMMA 91xx, 9910, 9920

SKF Multilog WVT CMWA 7910 series

SKF Microlog CMVA 7, 10, 30, 40 

SKF Microlog CMVA 50, 55, 60, 65

SKF Microlog CMXA 50, 70



SKF MARLIN CMDM 5000, 5100, 5360, 5460 series 

SKF MARLIN CMDM 6100, 6200, 6350, 6400, 6500 series 

SKF Microlog Inspector CMDM 6600, 6710, 6712, 6720 series

DI 1100-IS ATEX data collector

SKF MicroVibe P CMVL 3850-ML, 4000-ML series 

SKF Contamination sensors CMSS-ONL-1001-2, CMSS-ONL-1002-2

SKF Acoustic emissions interface card CMAC 2504

SKF Eddy Current Probes CMSS 65/68 series

SKF IMx-P On-line CMON 2003 

SKF IMx-T On-line CMON 1000 series

SKF Alignment TKSA 60, TKSA 80

Firmware and software downloads